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In today’s digital age, cyber security has become crucial for big players and small startups alike. Today, the stakes are higher than ever. Gradually but surely, technology has gone well beyond being a supplement to a company’s core operations, and in the assets living on their network are their core operations. Add to this the increasing instances of hacking, mobile usage and internet of things, as well as the growing ecosystem of cybercriminals, and you have a situation that to be tackled comprehensively and consistently.

Cyber security is constantly evolving. Both sides-the attackers and the defenders are in constant innovation.The biggest challenge for cyber security organizations inside companies large and small results from two megatrends.

  • The massive growth in data from business systems and the security sensors meant to protect those businesses, &
  • The shortage of skilled cyber security teams to analyze and respond to security incidents affecting this data. For starters, there is malware used by a significant number of all cyber security criminals to obtain their goal. From making you pay a ransom to get your own data back to infiltration of an organization through spear phishing to stealing confidential information-malware does it all. Some malware's sole purpose to lie low and sell access to the highest bidder. Then there are the user based leaks- caused either by disgruntled employees or smart opportunists or even through plain carelessness. All of this can cost you your organizational reputation, financial well-being and competitive advantage.

Enter Techshed, your one-stop-solution to software security and its standardization. we are a Pune-based start up dedicated to the singular goal of building, increasing and maintaining security standards for multiple software products and services in a manner that optimizes their productivity and minimizes its vulnerability all the while ensuring that industry standards are duly complied with. This compliance as we all know necessitates patience, process and persistence-all of which we bring to our quest.

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